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Innovation is more than knowledge, it brings new findings
- Heinrich R. Kundisch -

Biological Evolution - Work report
1 Survey about the goal-oriented, intelligent course
of the evolutionary steps during adaption
to the ever-changing environment
in biological and technical evolution
NEW   Chapter 3.8: Mankind between matter and waves
Press reports from CERN, Geneva, in July 2012, state that using the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) they succeeded in detecting and verifying the existence of the Higgs boson, the so called God particle of molecular physics according to the media. The analysis and final confirmation will take several years according to CERN. Nonetheless, this news again reopened the one question that is still unanswered: Is there a higher force in the universe and in what form does it present itself? This work report is only based scientifically proven research results ...
Verlauf der Evolutionsschritte Verlauf der Evolutionsschritte

H. Kundisch (graduate engineer), 18. Mai 2012

Updated on 09/17/2013


2 The Intelligent Atom
(a report by Robert C Muller)
The Atom can receive and transmit information (data). Now before dismissing this proposal as science fiction or absolute nonsense, consider that there is a method by which this unique ability of the Atom can be tested, experimentally.
The Intelligent Atom The Intelligent Atom

The Intelligent Atom

Robert C. Muller 2008, March, 12 and 2012, August, 27

Download    The-Intelligent-Atom.pdf

3 Properties of Atoms
Atoms: Basis for an Intelligent, Biological Evolution?
In nuclear physics today there is not only a discussion about "the intelligent atom", but also the search for a "particle" within the atom that can be described as "spirit". Currently nuclear scientists await new findings in their research (particularly the research with particle accelerators and colliders) regarding this problem.
Properties of Atoms Properties of Atoms

Properties of Atoms

Basis for an Intelligent, Biological Evolution?

H. Kundisch, graduate engineer, 4 August 2011

Download    Properties-of-Atoms.pdf

4 Levels of Evolution in Relation to Intelligence
The determination of levels of evolution is a complicated procedure, because specific levels can be defined differently depending on the point of view. In this article levels of evolution are defined as secluded levels containing all evolutionary processes of this particular level from the origin to the end. The cosmic level of evolution comprises the formation of the cosmos and for example also the emergence and disappearance of galaxies.
The biological level of evolution is entailed by the cosmic evolution and includes all biological processes from the appearance of the first protozoan to the development of complex and differentiated life forms. The technical level of evolution is specified by the first use of simple tools by mankind and the improvements and new developments made until today. Single levels thereby overlap.
Levels of Evolution in Relation to Intelligence Levels of Evolution in Relation to Intelligence

Levels of Evolution in Relation to Intelligence

H. Kundisch, graduate engineer

22 November 2010

Download    Abstract-Levels-of-Evolution.pdf

5 Evolutionary steps
Intelligent adaptation is part of evolution
Evolutionary steps in biological evolution are not driven by chance as up to now is stated to be a fact, but rather through internal, molecular genetic processes with target-oriented adaptations to environmental conditions.
As in the technical evolution intelligent potentials thereby essentially contribute. Afterwards selection of the offspring with inherited "proposed changes" according to the principle of fitness at first ensures a secure further development on the adopted path.
In contrast to the usually moderate changes of the environment, chances for the adaptation of an organism to a rapidly changing environment are slim and therefore often lead to extinction of the species and technical products accordingly.
Evolutionary steps Evolutionary steps

Evolutionary steps

Intelligent adaptation is part of evolution

H. Kundisch, graduate engineer, 22 March 2011

Download    Abstract-Evolutionary-steps.pdf

Biological Evolution
6 Why are conflicts between man and woman preprogrammed?
A conclusive answer to this question can easily be found if one examines the development of man and woman from an evolutionary point of view from former times until now.
With the directed biological evolution in nature by the nonstop adaptation to the environment even the behaviour of human is saved in the genes. - The unequal areas of responsibility of woman and man over many 10,000 years have led by mutants on both sides to different physical and mental developments. Therefore conflicts are preprogrammed between the partners, were there not the chance for a positive partnership by deviations from the nominal value.
example: For a partnership it is also important to know whether the partner is sensitive or has a tendency to violence. It is regarded as normal if one has compassion in daily life and can face the adversities of life without violence. Also there are variations as the distribution curve illustrates from empathetic to violent.
Conflicts between man and woman Conflicts between man and woman Conflicts between man and woman

Conflicts between man and woman

H. Kundisch, graduate engineer

2nd edition from 1, September 2011 revised

Download    Men-and-women.pdf

Climatic Evolution
7 Why can climate change not be stopped?
We know already for quite a long time that we human oneself are responsible, with probability bordering on certainty for the current climate change for the most part but we are not able to stop it. Why?
The report gives an insight into the directed evolution in the open wild. - Through a study of man from an evolutionary point of view with their in the genome contained behavior and the impact on the technical evolution, the question will be answered.
eagle with outspread feathers
The photo shows an eagle with outstretched feathers at the end of the wings. What the bird has to do with climate change, you find in detail here.
2nd edition from 13th October 2010

Climatic Evolution
8 Climate change - an unpopular issue
Which term would be appropriate for us humans knowingly doing too little against the progressing climate change and therefore deprive our offspring of their livelihood? - Collective destruction -
Climate change - an unpopular issue Climate change - an unpopular issue

Climate change - an unpopular issue

H. Kundisch, graduate engineer

12 October 2011

Download    Climate-Change-An-Unpopular-Issue.pdf

If you succeed once, it can be fortune.
If you succeed twice, it can be skills.
If you succeed three times, so it is proficiency and efficiency.
- proverb of Normandy -

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